Magistrate Judge Nandor Vadas Info

Eureka Magistrate Information

This court's courthouse in Eureka is staffed by a part-time Magistrate Judge, Nandor Vadas. Judge Vadas lives and works in and around Eureka, but also travels to San Francisco regularly to provide relief coverage for criminal calendars, etc. Judge Vadas generally chooses one extern per semester. The externship may be either full-time or part-time based on Judge Vadas's calendar at the time. Applicants should indicate in their applications whether they are interested in full-time or part-time.

Judge Vadas's extern is assigned a desk on the 15th floor of the courthouse at 450 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco in one of the extern offices shared by externs to other magistrate judges. The extern communicates with Judge Vadas by phone and email and receives logistical support and advice from the law clerk to one of the San Francisco-based magistrate judges. Judge Vadas's extern may also choose to work at home if he/she wants to.

In the alternative, Judge Vadas's extern may work in Eureka. If an applicant wishes to work in Eureka, he or she should so indicate in the application.

Judge Vadas will meet in person with the extern when in San Francisco typically two or three times in a typical extern term. Judge Vadas's extern regularly attends the calendars of the other San Francisco magistrate judges.