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Last Updated: Oct 21 2016 2:38PM
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Wednesday, Oct 26 2016
4:16-cv-03832-SBA - Machado Brothers Inc. v. Federal Solutions Group, Inc. et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
Thursday, Oct 27 2016
4:16-cv-01585-SBA - Harms v. Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. et al
Further Case Mgmt Conference
Wednesday, Nov 9 2016
4:09-cr-00398-SBA - USA v. Kevin Taylor
Revocation Superv Rls Hearing
4:12-cr-00272-SBA-1 - USA v. Edwin Leon Herold
AUSA: Erin Cornell / DEF: Edward Smock
Admission and Disposition of Sup. Rel. Violation
4:15-cv-02126-SBA - Lin v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company et al
Motion for Attorney Fees
4:15-cv-02394-SBA - Kayleigh Slusher et al v. City of Napa et al
Motion to Substitute Party
4:15-cv-02696-SBA - McBride v. Pentagon Technologies Group, Inc. et al
Motion for Summary Judgment
4:16-cv-05451-SBA - Oshima v. Bennet, et al
Motion to Dismiss
Wednesday, Nov 16 2016
4:16-cv-03333-SBA - Rahmer v. Lake County et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
Thursday, Dec 1 2016
4:16-cv-04675-SBA - Cox v. Allin Corporation Plan et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
4:16-cv-04811-SBA - Valencia et al v. City of Newark et al
Initial Case Mgmt Conference
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Criminal Calendar is the second Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

Civil Law and Motion is the second Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m.

You are not required to reserve hearing date and matters are calendared on a first come first serve basis. You must submit a chamber's copy of all motion papers in order to be placed on calendar.

Discovery - Judge Armstrong does not hear discovery matters. If you have a discovery issue and your case has not been assigned to a Magistrate Judge for all discovery matters, electronically file your motion leaving the hearing date and time blank.  Your motion will be referred to a Magistrate Judge for all further discovery.  Once the Magistrate Judge is assigned,  his or her clerk will contact you with a date and time for the hearing if one is required.

Proposed Orders - All proposed orders must be e-filed AND submitted in WORD format to   L.R. 5-1(g)


Please take notice that the Honorable Saundra Brown Armstrong will be unavailable as follows:

All Counsel are hereby given notice that they may, if urgency requires, request a hearing on any case assigned to Judge Armstrong before the General Duty Judge pursuant to Civil Local Rule 7-1(c).